Installing Gujarati Fonts

In order to view Gujarati Fonts on your browser, download the file Saumil_guj2.ttf. [ttf] [zip]

Windows users: copy it into your \WINDOWS\Fonts or \WINNT\Fonts folder

Linux users: Install the TTF file in your /usr/share/fonts directory, or your preferred path for TrueType fonts.

Mac users: update I have recently switched to the Macintosh. To use the fonts on Mac OS X, simply copy the Saumil_guj2.ttf file to your /Library/Fonts directory. For Classic or OS 9/8/7 users, you're on your own. However, I do know that TrueType fonts are supported on Classic. If you are a Classic user and know how to set up TrueType fonts, please let me know and I shall include the necessary documentation here.

About Gujarati Fonts

Ever since I saw multilingual fonts being supported by the TrueType Font system since the days of Windows 3.1, I had nurtured a desire to have a simple easy-to-use font mapping that would allow me to type using Gujarati script but using English phonetics. No such scheme was available. The only alternative was to use the regular Gujarati typewriter style key mapping, which is very difficult to learn for casual users.

Years have passed since my first desire, till mid 2001, where I stumbled upon an idea to map Gujarati fonts on the English keyboard in such a way that if you think of the sequence of writing in Gujarati, the mappings are associated with the closest sound in English. Thus, the Gujarati script develops as you type along. Remembering the Gujarati mapping is made easy with my font mapping.

This is the little story behind developing the Saumil_guj2.ttf fonts. Please feel free to use them in your work and leisure. I have found that I can now send e-mail in Gujarati using an HTML mailer such as Netscape (for heaven's sake please do not use Outlook, as it is a pain and a security hazard). For my philanthrophy, I expect only little in return. If you are a Gujarati literature enthusiast and have a favourite poem of yours, then please use these fonts and type it up and e-mail it to me at <saumil _at_ net-square _dot_ com> and I shall feature it in my favourite poems collection with due credit given to you!

Keyboard Mapping

Quick Tutorial in writing with the Gujarati Fonts

Open up your favourite editor that supports TrueType Fonts. On Windows, I use Notepad. Try to avoid using Microsoft Word, because (a) Word will annoy you with that damn paper clip trying to correct all your so-called spelling and grammatical mistakes! and (b) Word will use features like autocorrect, autocapitalize, autosuggest, autoformat, auto-annoy-the-living-daylights-out-of-you and what not. Within Notepad, select Format - Font and Saumil_guj2.

On the Macintosh, I use TextEdit. Within TextEdit, select Format - Font - Show Fonts (or press Command-T) and then choose Saumil_guj2.

Select Format - Font and Saumil_guj2.ttf. That's it, you are now ready to type in Gujarati!

Windows Notepad

Macintosh Textedit

For example, let us say you want to write:

Then start typing:

The rest is easy! It takes a little getting used to, but it is a lot of fun.

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